Lesson Ten : You must have been waiting for a long time.

Part One: Reading

( ) , ()

: ,.
: ,.
: .
: .
: ?
: , .
: .
: , ,. , . ,.
: . ?
: , ?
: .
: .
: , .

I. Reading :

You must have been waiting for a long time.
Characters: the teacher Mr. Fang and Ma Ji Min

Fang: I am sorry. You mush have been waiting for a long time!
Ma: It doesn't matter. I just arrived.
Fang: Sit down please.
Ma: Thank you.
Fang: Is there anything (I can do for you)?
Ma: I am looking for a job. I'd like to ask you to write a letter of recommandation for me.
Fang: That's no problem.
Ma: I not only speak English, but also know typewriting. Since I am Taiwanese, I can also speak Taiwanese. Here is some information that may help you as reference.
Fang: Perfect. Do you need this in a short time?
Ma: No, not really. But could you give it to me before the end of this month?
Fang: Yes, I can arrange that.
Ma: Thank you, teacher (Mr. Fang).
Fang: You are welcome. If there is any problem, you can always come see me.

Part Two: Vocabulary

: let
: It doesn't matter
: just yet (someone "just" did something)
: thing, something
: job
: think, reflect
= : help
: write
: to present; to recommend
: letter
: letter of recommendation
: verb suffix, introducing adverb or copmlement
: problem, question
: to ask, to question
: not only
: be able to; know how
: typewriting, to type
: word
: because, since, as
: so, thus, that's why
: some; several
: information
: to give
: to use as reference
: in a hurry, urgent
= : but
: can, to be able to
: the end of the month
: month
: end
: before
: thing, something, event
: anytime, always

Part Three: Sentences Patterns and Comprehension


, .

I am sorry; you must have been waiting for a long time!

, ...

I am sorry.

, ....

It doesn't matter. That's OK.



Is there anything (I can do for you)?


....... ?

Could you....
........ ?

Could you... (Is it possible that...)

Yes, that's possible. (Yes, I can arrange that)


......... ....

not only... but also...

I not only speak English, I also know typewriting.

,() .

I speak not only English, but also French.


......... .........

Because (since)..., then (that's why, so)... Parce que (puisque)..., donc (alors, ainsi, c'est pourquoi)...
, .

Because I am Taiwanese, (that's why) I can speak Taiwanese.

, .

Because I was busy, I didn't read the newspaper.


He has a course, so he is not coming.

Part Four : Fluency Drill

; ;
You must have been waiting for a long time; not long; how long; such a long time.
. You must have been waiting for a long time.
. I just arrived.
? Since how long was he gone?
. He just left.
? How long have you been waiting?
(). I have been waiting for you for a while (long time).

I am sorry

= help
= .
I would like to ask you to write a letter of recommendation for me.

being in a hurry
being in a big hurry
not too hurry

being able to
not able to
? Could you...
being possible to do something...
it's possible
it's not possible
? Is it possible?

; know how, being able to; in one moment
. I (can) speak English.
. He knows how to write Chinese letter.
. Please wait for me a moment.

question; problem
There is no problem.
There is many problems.
There is a big problem.
. He asks me this question.

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